My Studio

My new studio was my retirement gift to myself.  It began in 2015 and in late winter 2016 was completed.  The studio I worked in for the past 10 years was a six sided concrete vessel underneath our one car garage.  No windows, except the old fashioned (small) egress window which holds an equally small window AC unit.   Here’s what that looked like.


My new studio is bright and spacious.  See that door behind me in the photo of the old studio?  That led to my back yard, and now it leads to my new 20’x30′ studio with space, light, a great HVAC unit, glass storage, running water, and a storage area! There’s even a separate little room for future use for either sand blasting or lap grinding equipment. Here are some photos.

   Snow Flake Glass Studio 2016  Snow Flake Glass Studio 2016

Snow Flake Glass Studio 2016  nov 23 15 b dec 18 2015 a

Of course, it looks a little bit more lived in now.  But what a awesome place to create!  Now, my new studio has become the home of our local little glass artist group and we hold monthly play dates here.  Lampworking is still located in the “old” studio.  Plus the vitrograph kiln is always heating up for group vit pulls.

open house 18 open house 1  open house 23 open house 30 open house 10  open house 31 

Newly pulled cane

And play dates with the Mid-Mo Glassworkers.  This one involved pouring enamels on glass!