Vitrigraph Work


The vitrigraph kiln has a hole in the bottom. A pot of colored glass with a hole in the bottom is placed over the kiln hole. As the kiln heats the glass, it eventually begins to flow out of the kiln. “Pulling Cane” is the act of controlling this stream of molten glass to create rods. Cutting the rods reveals the inner pattern created by the way the colors of glass are stacked in the pot. These little bits of awesome are called murrini.

These canes and murrini can be used any number of ways. I incorporate the cane in some of my plates and bowls. Murrini can also be used to create “drop out” bowls, as seen here. These bowls are about 6″ wide at the top

These bowls are created the same way, but without taking off the top rim.

Other pieces made with murrini