Fused Glass Wall Art

Fused Glass Wreaths


These wreaths incorporate so many cool different types of glass pieces, you’ll spend hours just looking at them to see all the components.  Each is a 10″ fused glass round mounted on a 12″ brushed stainless steel plate with hanger welded onto the back.

Click on a thumbnail to see larger versions.

Wasser Glass Wall Art

Fun wall art using glass that is no longer in production. Before it became so hard to acquire, I laid in a great stock of the different shapes they produced like dots, hearts, circles, stars & zig zags.  Wasser glass in a super thin glass that came in many colors and patterns.  These works incorporate lots of Wasser glass shapes tack fused to a base of Bullseye glass, which is compatible with Wasser.  The strips with all the holes were created by Wasser as they punched out the dots you see elsewhere on the pieces.  What fun.  After tack fusing to retain their texture and 3D nature, they are attached to brushed stainless steel wall plates ready for hanging.