Dichroic Wall Art


I combine my popular Jazz series evoking city skylines with my fun jigsaw series.  The result?  Whimsical dichroic wall art that will show you something different every time you look at it.  Very detailed with a variety of dichroic elements. Vertical stainless steel backing plate has a sturdy hanger built in.


My Jigsaw wall art uses dichroic glass to create a jigsaw puzzle piece which is then attached to a brushed stainless steel wall plate. The largest of the ones pictured here are 16×20″, the smallest, 8×8″


My original Jazz Seasons quad wall art:

My Jazz wall art are created by selecting and arranging many different pieces of dichroic glass on a black glass base,  then embellishing with various types of accessory glass – squiggles, water jet cut objects, stars, murrini, noodles, dots…selecting from a large stash of glass items I have in the studio.  The fused glass piece is then mounted on framing glass, matted in a complimentary color and framed in a 9×12 black aluminum frame.  Since the piece is “tack” fused rather than full fused, it retains a texture and depth that you won’t be able to keep from touching.  Go ahead – it’s ok.  Glass is very tactile – it loves to be touched.

Click on a thumbnail to see larger versions.

The Following photos were taken in my studio.  They don’t hold a candle to the above professional photos.  But I hope you can get the idea.  I assure you they are as beautiful as the ones above in real life.

Dichroic Patchwork Quilt Stars

In a prior era, I made patchwork quilt pillows. It wasn’t until well into my glass era that I discovered that I was using the exact same skills in working with glass as I did with calico. I was combining color, pastern and texture to produce a visually pleasing mosaic.

Thus were born my dichroic glass stars. Same four seasons as my Jazz series; winter, spring, summer & autumn colors framed with complimentary colored aluminum frames. Each piece is 6″ square.

Now, I’m finishing my dichroic stars in brushed stainless steel.