Fishies Wall & Free Standing Art

My fishies are an expression of my love of the sea. Whimsical, fun and colorful, they evoke smiles where ever they are. These are tack fused fantasy scenes of fish and other underwater critters. Since the glass is not taken up to a full fuse, the pieces have a lot of texture, and are
rather 3-D.

I use dichroic glass for the fish, the jelly fish and its legs, and for various embellishments on the bottom of the sea. Murrini, hand made in my studio, are sprinkled around the sea bed. Hand made lampwork embellishments provide the plant life elements. Some may have odd creatures I call swimmers floating around, or coral-like decorations. Each is certainly a unique, self-contained underwater menagerie. All the elements are carefully selected and placed in the scene, then kiln fired.

As you my expect, each individual scene is a work of art, and impossible to replicate. If you are interested in something similar to the scenes you see here, drop me an email and we'll see what we can do!

My framed fishies come in standard frame sizes from around 11" x 17" down to 4" x 6".

And now there's something new under the sea: my fishes can stand on their own!  Free standing fishies have a 3" x width of the piece self-stand that keeps them standing up proud for all to view without a frame.  Medium size is approx 8" tall x 8 1/2" wide.  Larger fishies are approx 10" tall x 9" wide.

Free Standing Fishies

Framed Fishies